Tuesday, August 11, 2009

gundam over-flag progress

i've finally gotten around to starting my flag model.

i'm not going with the standard paint scheme (dark cool grey) since i already have a few shades of this green to work with, and finding a place to buy tamiya paint here has been impossible!

so here's the progress after day one. the paint's still super rough. i had some issues with the parts...(tough figuring out what's goin on with japanese instructions) it seems as though it wanted me to defy physics to get the inner parts of the torso to articulate... i ended up having to do some hacking and slashing to get it working...

i've primed all the parts normally, but i'm doing the painting with a brush, like i've done in the past with warhammer models. (not sure how that'll turn out...we'll see)

here's the torso and head so far

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