Thursday, March 31, 2011

scooter update

made a few tweaks to the scooter. the greyscale rendering is the latest, i reposted the red for comparison.
made the forms and lines a bit more dynamic, took some weight out of the front, and tried make it jive a bit more with the greyscale car rendering from the last post.



Thursday, March 24, 2011

thesis dump - small car

of the three vehicles, the car has been the most difficult. the aesthetic i generated on the bike doesn't translate very well. my first attempts led to the red rendering, which i'm not a huge fan of. the greyscale rendering is the most recent, and closest to my current direction, but i'm gonna play a bit more before i settle on anything.

still to come: car interior, storefront / showroom interior, pop-up-station kiosk, bike accessories and details, cross-vehicle storage units, brand identity / graphics, and maybe sleep??

thesis sketch dump - scooter

i'm fairly happy with the direction of the scooter, but i don't feel like it jives with the family aesthetic quite yet, so i need to play a little bit to give the form a little more dynamism

thesis sketch dump -handlebars

the bike is the farthest along of the three vehicles, so i'm starting to get into the individual components. with the handlebars i'm trying to incorporate everything together into one component, with a built in headlamp and a conductive rail system to plug-n-play accessories (gps, battery control unit, phone holder, etc)