Monday, February 28, 2011

satchel prototype no. 4

latest prototype for the satchels. I used a thicker upholstery material instead of the standard cloth-weight fabric, so this version is way more durable. I've started handstitching on some of the trickier areas, which is a whole new thing to learn, but should make for a nicer final product once I get it down.

I think this is the final prototype in terms of paterns and construction methods. From here I'll start to elaborate on this design by adding functionality + durability. I'm also gonna try to branch out a little bit. Messenger bag maybe? Iphone case? I also have a disturbingly strong desire to make a tie out of that beige fabric....I'm not really sure why.

- Zack

Saturday, February 26, 2011

shift ideation: bike

This week kicks off the ideation phase of my senior project. I'm 1/3 done for the week, still need to play with the scooter and car, so check back for those before thursday.

I started with the bike since it's the simplest of the three, and this session I'm primarily concerned with aesthetics. Mostly the graphics of the frame. I'll be sketching on this stuff for the rest of the semester, so plenty of time to noodle the details later.

The two in red are not final directions by any means, way to early for that. They are, however, my favorites from the group. I'm going for minimal / bold / approachable, and I've discovered that bold and approachable seldom play nicely, so simple clean shapes seem to be the way to go.

- zack

Friday, February 11, 2011

prawn scouter

for my vizcom - alias class we had to design a vehicle based on a movie, so i chose district 9, and tried to imagine what some of the other prawn ships might look like.
i'm imagining this being for scouting / recon. the orange area in front contains a massive array of sensors and scanners. the rear black section that hangs down collects particle samples for analyzation. when not in use it retracts up into the top segment.

on an entirely different planet, i've finished the first phase of my senior project, so i'm going to begin sketching soon! look for work on that in the near future.

- zack