Thursday, March 31, 2011

scooter update

made a few tweaks to the scooter. the greyscale rendering is the latest, i reposted the red for comparison.
made the forms and lines a bit more dynamic, took some weight out of the front, and tried make it jive a bit more with the greyscale car rendering from the last post.




Borka Schwarzer said...

Man! This is quite an undertaking. Nice sketches. I like the scooter feels interesting and dynamic. Not sure how the front wheel works but that doesn't bother me too much. From the car sketches I find most interesting last page of sketches. Simple, interesting and seem to be more dynamic. I don't see the clear connection with the scooter though...

Christopher Custer said...

one thing I would consider is raking the seat forward just a touch. It would give the impression of keeping you planted on the thing, and also it would pick up some of that forward slant that your car has in its roof-line.