Wednesday, April 20, 2011

final rendering style

quick update on the bike. I've been sketching a lot, haven't scanned stuff in yet, but expect a massive update sometime next week.

this is the style / level of detail I'm considering for the final presentation. each vehicle will have 3 views rendered at this level, plus a few detail shots.


- zack


Borka Schwarzer said...

Nice! So what kind of bike is that? Wheels look like a racing bike. Also pedal looks a bit too small but not sure on that...

Zack Stephanchick said...

It's an electric commuter bike for a rental system. The wheels are 3 spoke like a racing bike's because traditional wire spokes could break while the bike is in use, needing repair. Also this will help give the bike a unique and recognizable graphic. I agree about the pedal, that was starting to bother me too.