Friday, April 30, 2010

Daily #1 chirp chirp chirp

H'ok, so, today is the first post for my summer plan. I'm going to have at least one creative post per day on this blog for the rest of the summer. This is my way of motivating myself to keep workin! I doubt I'll be able to show any internship work, but I'll be doing plenty on the sides to keep the blog busy!

This first post is the start of an illustration project I'm working on. It's an illustration to go with a short story I've written (which I'll be posting shortly). It's gonna be of a mechanical bird, so, to get in a chirpy-mindset, I did a session of sparrow sketching from photographic reference. I'll have to keep these in mind next time I do a flying vehicle, the gesture of these guys in flight is crazy!

This is also the first project for a weekly illustration prompt over at We Draw Cars, our CCS group blog. If you feel like participating, head on over there for details.


Borka Schwarzer said...

Wow! Sweet birds I love them! So light and moving/..

Matt Kulczycki said...

Really great sketches and dynamic positions here!