Wednesday, May 12, 2010

summer plan!

I'm just finishing up my week off between school and starting my internship (hence the lack of posting).

I'm gonna start the dailies up again on Friday, once I get moved into my new place.

In the spirit of a few of my CCS brethren. (Jon and Mike) I've decided to lay out my plans for the summer.

I'm gonna be doing design stuff at my internship, so my free time is gonna be spent on other creative stuff. Such as:

-developing my writing skills and working on some stories to submit to journals and stuff

-figure drawing, photoshop painting, creature / character / concept vehicles / enviros, etc. I'm hoping that it'll translate to better / looser sketches for my design stuff and maybe expand my form vocabulary a little bit

-design competitions

-creative / high concept design
-i have no idea...but i'm gonna play around and see if anything cool happens

-i'm gonna be spending the summer in NY state (a new area for me) so I'm hoping to explore the state itself and the surrounding area.

so there it is! daily posts will resume on friday!

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