Thursday, June 10, 2010

all work and no play makes zack forget about his blog


i've been a busy little bee here in new york.

my internship at ChaseDesign has been taking up a large bulk of my time (been workin late + on weekends...). i'm getting to do some pretty cool stuff, unfortunatly, nothing i can show here. things move very quickly there compared to school. the longest project i've been on was several designers going from research to several dozen concepts (rendered alias models) in less than a week. consultancies work is usually phase based, so we'll take a project to a certain point or number of concepts, then send it to the client for review / feedback. as such, there are usually several projects going on at once, and when we're awaiting feedback on one, we'll be working on another.

the other designers are really good. what amazes me most isn't how good their work is (it's really good) but how quickly they do it. i've had to alter my sketch style a little bit to keep up with them. the nice part is that i'm learning a lot of tricks in alias and photoshop to expedite my workflow.

i'll keep you guys updated as the summer progresses. i'll try to take some photos of the studio soon.

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Borka Schwarzer said...

sounds very cool Zack!