Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ricochet prototype no. 01

first prototype for ricochet.
feeling so-so about the result. i'm diggin the design, and i found perfect materials, but the construction method turned out a little sloppy. i also miscalculated the strap length, so it's a little short.
next iteration will be up soon.

- zack


Matt Choto said...

Very cool project Zach. The material and color selection is really nice. Sort of a sophisticated abstraction of an Argyle sweater.

Have you thought about throwing some batting between your external layers, might help give it a little bit of structure?

Looking forward to seeing the next one!

Zack Stephanchick said...

Thanks Matt!
I do love me some argyle...
I have considered giving the bag some structure. My plan was to use this one for a little while as-is to get a feel for it, and see if more structure would be beneficial.

Thanks for your feedback!

- zack

Vaughan Ling said...