Monday, January 3, 2011

Satchel prototype no. 02 - Basic

second satchel prototype.
i disregarded the 'ricochet' design for the time being to focus on fine-tuning the construction methods and pattern. i like this design, in a different way than ricochet though, it's cleaner. i'm much happier with this construction method, the body is made from a single piece (per material) instead of 5. the result is a much and more precise finish. i'm going to do a few more in this style with some minor variations on design.
on a somber note, my singer is kinda broken... i did this bag on my mom's machine. taking my singer in tomorrow, hopefully it's nothing to serious.

also, i've finished the prototype molds for the 1x1 pot from the x.y.z. series, i'll be pouring those tomorrow.

- zack

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